I am most passionate professionally providing healthy alternatives foods whether infused or non-infused.  In addition, bringing awareness of the health benefits cannabis gives for so many people in different forms also means just as much to me because essentially going to save so many lives as society moves forward decriminalizing.  Personally I passionate about learning and researching cannabis benefits in relation to mental illness and inspire people to learn what I learn and educate others!

Even if I couldn’t get paid to do it I would try to form group homes facilities and rehabilitation programs for those homeless or diagnosed with a mental illness. There are not enough of them available to communities.  Most importantly I would want to develop a system or curriculum that is effective and hopefully other facilities could adapt.  

I am surprisingly good and baking, even sugar free and vegan! Not to mention infusing food! I have always known how to cook, but baking is a different art.  My grandmother always had a stipulation, if you wanted to eat you would help cook.  I was the fat kid grown up so best believe I was helping.  My family did not teach healthier ways of making classic favorite recipes!  To be able to provide alternatives for people and still have a great taste and or can be a medicinal aid at the same time.

The biggest proof that I am good at what I do is the feedback I get from friends and family. I have had signature dishes since a teen that I would bring to pot luck for either my church or family event.  So I’ve been getting feedback for quite some time.

In my field I have Infusing I have been doing on a personal level amongst friends and family over 10 years. I started shweets May 2017.  I’ve been cooking since a child and baking as a teenager. Infusing on a professional level 5 years.  Baking and decorating on a professional level beginning of this year.  Vegan and sugar free cooking and baking one year.

My biggest accomplishment is starting the company Shweets.  Shweets is going to be able to reach so many walks of life with great benefit. I also plan to look into pet shweet products.  

I have a double  major in business and psychology with a minor in health administration.  My education connects with my professional career because first and foremost my goal is healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle holistically includes spirituality, physically, mentally, and over balance with you connection to the universe and personalities and we all mesh here on earth.  The business side parallels because I founded shweets!  I am currently looking into beginning a graduate program in a health science hopefully I’ll be able to study cannabis in relation to a particular subject.  I want to know so much, I would have to narrow down.  A master’s in business I’ve given thought about as well. My personal experiences connect because my highest weight was 300 pounds, years late I still haven’t reached my goal weight but I have lost almost half of what I used to weigh.  Secondly, would be the first person I infused food for was my grandmother that had diabetes and progressed to renal kidney failure she passed at only 62.  I witnessed over a decade ago the benefits it had by digesting because she refused to smoke and she didn’t know at first I infused them.  She was a sucker for desserts like me!  

The main problems I consistently solve for my clients are healthier ways of eating desserts and still have great taste.  On the cannabis side my clients are able to receive relief from chronic symptoms they experience due to which every health issue they have with shweets products.

I am most complimented in my work for providing a variety of options with great texture, flavor, and taste. I also host events whether a seminar or party featuring shweets and fun entertainment.  Clients also compliment me on my knowledge and awareness of super healthy food as well as cannabis.  

My ideal client is someone open to experience outside of their comfort zone, willing to take the time to do so, and trust the process with learning and embracing new things!